This smoked salom sushi bowl is a perfect weeknight dinner that can easily be prepared ahead of time. I love the crunch that cucumbers and carrots add to the bowl, but you can also use green beans, avocado or broccoli as an alternative. If you like it spicy, try adding 1-2 tsp of chilli oil or sambal oelek to the dressing.


(1 serving)

60g of sushi rice or brown rice

150g smoked salmon

1/2 cucumber

2 medium carrots

1 spring onion

a hand full of soy bean sprouts


For the Dressing

30ml soy sauce

15ml agave syrup

15ml water

lime juice from 1/2 lime


Cock the rice according to the instructions on the package.

In the mean time cut the cucumber and carrot into fine slices or use a peeler. In a medium mixing bowl whisk together all the ingredients for the dressing. 

Place the cooked rice, soy bean sprouts and veggies in a bowl. Chop the spring onion and add it as a topping. Serve with the dressing and some lime slices on the side. Enjoy!

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