No time? No money? Tiny kitchen? – But you still want to enjoy a variety of  healthy, tasty meals? No problem. On this website I am sharing recipes that I developed in my student kitchen right in the heart of Berlin. My goal is to make cooking simple, healthy and delicious for everyone!

This is KitchenFever

Simple. Putting together a tasty meal does not require much time, fancy kitchen equipment or extensive cooking skills. Don’t believe me? On my blog you will find quick recipes, that neither require unusual ingredients, nor a lot of kitchen experience. You will see that cooking homemade food is no inconvenience and can be fun, even in stressful times. 

Healthy. Homemade doesn’t only taste better, it is also a whole lot healthier. Cooking for yourself, you know what ingredients you put in a meal and it is 100% free of any additives. All my recipes are made with fresh ingredients and provide you with ideas to substitute unhealthy for healthy food options. I will show you, that it is really easy to make those veggies taste awesome!

Delicious. Eating is not just assimilating essential nutrients, It is also feeding the soul. This is why, more than anything, food should make you happy. Taking time (even if it is just a little) and mindfulness in the preparation of food can be super relaxing. Eating meals that are good for you, will not only provide you with the energy your body needs, but also put you in a good mood!

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